Memorial Films

“Whenever I attend someone’s memorial service, and people make witty, anecdotal, tearful, movingly comic speeches by the great and the good in memory of the late departed, I am always struck by one notable absence among the great and the good. The late lamented himself. Or herself…”

Miles Kington, 17 December 2007. Newspaper columnist for The Independent, who, terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, genuinely felt his absence at his own memorial service.

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Funerals are not only to say goodbye to a loved one or friend but also they are also the celebration of a person’s life and the memories you have of them. Having a memorial film played at a funeral, memorial service or funeral reception is a powerful, yet poignant reminder of the life of the deceased and a reminder of the many and varied aspects of your loved one.

Recognising someone’s life by celebrating them and their journey through it by the telling of their story can make for a very special tribute. We can incorporate all your favourite memories through interviews with family, friends and work colleagues. Each film will be highly personalized and can incorporate significant pieces of music, personal camcorder footage, poems, and old photos, which we can enhance so that they look like new again.

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