The Filming Process

How we make your Memory Box Production

It’s not magic! We know that the thought of commissioning a film or being in one can be daunting. At Memory Box Productions we use a simple step-by-step guide to show you how easy it will be for you and that making your film will be an enjoyable and creative experience. We do the difficult bits so that your Memory Box Production is something to enjoy and treasure forever.

First Meeting

You tell us the sort of film that you want us to make. It’s your vision and your story, we just make it happen. This meeting helps us get to know you so that we can determine the style you would like and what your budget will be. We also discuss any additional material you’d like to include —photos, slides, archive camcorder or cine footage, artifacts and souvenirs, and music.

The Proposal and Contract

After the initial meeting we then write an outline proposal. This is the agreement about what sort of film you want and how Memory Box Productions will make it for you. We then draw up a contract with terms and conditions outlining the goals of the project, the timings, our mutual obligations and the budget. Once you’re happy with both the proposal and contract we begin to make your film.


This phase covers all the set up arrangements prior to the actual filming — the organising of interviews, cameras and crew and any location permissions needed to film (these will be arranged either by Memory Box Productions or via you). We will interview contributors, collate photographs and home movies and arrange music clearances. If there is a narrative, we will present you with a general outline for your approval. Finally we will organise a timetable for each day’s filming.


This is when the cameras roll. At this stage you’ll be enjoying your day and we will attempt to be as anonymous and unobtrusive as possible. We don’t want to intrude on your event and it gives better results.


Once we have your special day on film and have all the footage safely back at base, the edit begins. During this process we can add narration, music, your photographs or even custom animations to create a film that is unique to you, your own Memory Box. Your footage will digitally edited in a broadcast edit suite by a professional editor on Final Cut Pro and will include full sound mixing, colour grading, music score and DVD authoring.


Your film is now ready and will be delivered along with the pre-ordered number of copies on the format of your choice. This is when you make your final payment and your Memory Box is yours to enjoy forever.

It’s as easy as that! You can get really involved in your film or let us do the whole thing for you — it’s entirely up to you.

Gift Services

Once your film is complete, Memory Box will produce copies in any format required. You can design your own box cover and send DVD to relatives around the world or friends who couldn’t make the day. A Memory Box Film is the perfect anniversary, birthday or retirement gift.

The Equipment

All the films are shot on the latest 3-chip HD compatible Sony HVR-Z1 and Z7 digital cameras which deliver fantastic picture quality from its three 16:9 CCDs which is true wide screen with the option to film in 1080 HD. For second cameras Memory Box Productions also use the small Sony HVR-A1 and PD150s, and as and when required DSR570 cameras, all of which are regularly used for broadcast documentary work. We use onboard directional camera mics and Sennheiser and Sony radio mics to ensure the best and most reliable and unobtrusive sound quality. And our tripods are the lightweight and rock solid Manfrottos. The footage will be recorded onto broadcast quality DV Cam tapes.

But remember it’s the creative talent not the technology employed that will result in a great work!


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