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Memory Box Productions are professional programme makers with years of successful television film making experience in the BBC and for all the main Channels. Digital technology means that we can make your film on a budget that was impossible a few years ago. Not only will your film be to network broadcast standards but Memory Box Productions will make it an enjoyable and personal experience. And as female videographers, we can offer all-female videographer teams for religious ceremonies and weddings.

DON’T BE AFRAID! Many people find the thought of commissioning a professional production company daunting. We are very friendly and approachable and we aim to help to find the right format for you at an affordable price. Please see the Filming Process page for more information about how we work.

Meet the team

Anna Shelmerdine's photo

Anna Shelmerdine Producer/Director

Anna, a Producer/Director with eighteen years of broadcast and media experience, heads a team of highly knowledgeable, creative television professionals that are Memory Box Productions.

Anna is a BBC trained TV producer, director and camera operator. She began her TV career in the BBC Music and Arts Department, working on programmes such as The Late Show and Omnibus before moving onto prestigious documentaries such as Rough Justice on BBC1 and Harold Shipman for ITV. Her films have been commissioned by Channel Four covering subjects as diverse as Hollywood Religions and a high profile film on Heather Mills. The Real Mrs McCartney garnered the highest ratings of the week for Channel 4 (4.3m). A selection of TV showreel clips can be viewed in Anna’s Professional Broadcast Clips.

Anna has specialized in working on sensitive films dealing with real human experiences. She is known for her flowing, creative, easy style and her ability to put even the most nervous person at ease in front of the camera. So even if you have never been filmed, Anna hopes that her background in dealing with all kinds of people from every walk of life and her ability to make filming fun will make your Memory Box Production an enjoyable adventure.

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Beth Palmer Director

Beth’s television career began 2000 at 3BM Television as a researcher and an assistant producer. She moved to the award-winning independent Brook Lapping where she produced, directed and filmed two series of ‘They Didn’t Teach Me That!’.

Beth has spent the last two years working at BBC World News as a commissioner and producer of documentaries including The Wedding Business for BBC World.

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Debby Carr PR & Marketing, North West

Debby Carr is the face of Memory Box for its North West office. An ex-top model with twenty years experience of the fashion, advertising and commercials industry in London and Europe, Debby is particularly remembered as the original Boddingtons Girl which helped place Manchester’s famous beer on the national map.

She has worked with top commercials directors all over the world and fronted numerous campaigns ranging from Revlon to Principles as well as many magazine covers throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Now a successful business woman, Debby is bringing her wealth of marketing and PR knowledge and experience to help develop Memory Box’s profile across the North West and nationally.

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Riley Top dog ( not general dogsbody)...

Riley describes himself as a Tibetan Spaniel, so is always most surprised when he’s mistakenly called a Pekingese!

He excels at lots of things, far too many to mention here…

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